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​When Art invites itself to the Hotel GEORGES VI.


Sensitive to Art in various forms, we present temporary exhibitions, made by renowned painters, others deserve to find their place. Exhibitions opening take place several times a year in the Hotel.

Temporary exhibition

From the 5th of February 2019


Odisea is first and foremost a story of expeditions while sliding. The exceptional adventures of world snowboard champion Mathieu Crepel and surfer-adventurer Damien Castera, on the water's path. In Alaska and Patagonia, they follow the path of a snowflake, from the top of a mountain to the ocean, passing through rivers. Snowboard, packraft, canoeing, surfing... it doesn't matter as long as sliding is celebrated. 

Odisea is also an opportunity for two top athletes after the euphoria of the podiums to reconnect with the calm of the wide open spaces and its high standards. Under the cover of the forests, they penetrated the kingdom of bears, fished for salmon, set up camps and developed essential mutual aid in the face of the harshness of a demanding nature. 

flashback on the exhibition of damien castera, Mathieu crepel et greg rabejac

 June 2020

flashback on the exhibition opening of bô gaultier

In February 2019

flashback on the exhibition opening of bô gaultier

We had the honor of exhibiting the works of the talented, painter, actor, and producer, Bô Gaultier in 2018. On the occasion of his opening, Bayonnais group Alma Chula was chosen to animate the evening on gypsy and Latin music. It's surrounded by Biarrots, and his friends including Guillaume Briat, and Nicolas Gabion, that Bô presents his new works.

Many thanks for this moment of sharing, discovery, we will remember.