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Who is George VI?

The highest of distinctions is service to others

Par George VI

George VI
George VI

Born as Albert, George VI was King of England from 1936 to 1952 and the descendant of George V. The second son of his siblings, he was not originally supposed to ascend the throne. He eventually became king following the abdication of his brother Edward VIII after less than a year on the throne.

George VI was the last monarch of the House of Windsor and is best known as the father of Queen Elizabeth II.

Hotel de la Plata (s.d.)
Hotel de la Plata devenu Hôtel Georges VI

In a building existing in the centre of Biarritz for many years now, the Hotel Georges VI takes its name from the monarch who left his mark on England, and has been named so for over 15 years.

Out of loyalty to the monarch of the country from which it takes its name, the Hotel Georges VI has been inspired by the English style for the decoration of its premises.

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